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Monitoring, Analytics, and Customer Communication as a Service (MACaaS)

All applications benefit from continuous monitoring and extended analytics. We at have developed a unique solution that combines monitoring, analytics, and customer communication. With Monitor, Analytics and Customer Communication as a Service (MACaaS), you have

  • insights into how your customers and partners are using your applications, allowing you to plan for future enhancements.
  • Continuous monitoring of application performance to ensure adequate uptime, reliability, and responsiveness.
  • Two-way customer communication so that your customers can get help without clogging up your helpdesk as well as you can reach out to customers to get feedback
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Continuous Monitoring
  • Continuous monitoring of the application. If anything goes wrong, we wake up in the middle of the night and fix it, so you don't have to.
  • Access and application logs available for 90 days for debugging and troubleshooting.
  • Ensure you can meet your Service Level Agreement (SLA) with your customers and partners.
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Two-way customer communication

MACaaS provides a customer communication portal so your end-users (whether they are your internal employees or customers) have direct access to your help desk, without having to call you

  • Self-service and context-sensitive help for the users of your applications so they can look up how to do simple things without having to contact you - saving you valuable time and money .
  • You can also reach out to your customers to get feedback and update them of new offerings.
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Application Analytics

Detailed usage analytics for each part of your application, giving you valuable insights on how and when your application is used. You can use this information to guide further enhancements to your application.

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